A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guidebook
And Comprehensive Resource Directory
Third Edition
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What others are saying

Written for Me

“Your book was written for me!! I’m glad you followed the impressions of your mind and heart and wrote it. It is simple, clear and very helpful!!”
- Zina Whetten

I Was Inspired by Your Book

“I was so inspired by your exceptional family history book....” ”
- Brent McKinley

Very Valuable for All Families

“The contents are inspiring, motivational and instructional. The thing that I enjoy most is your logical presentation...and the “WHY” of Family History. The [family history insight] statements alone make the book very valuable for all families. Then the instructional sections on “HOW” to do the work along with goals in each section make the book a very valuable tool. A great combination of WHY and HOW.”
- James J. Pinegar

Just the Thing That Will Make the Difference

“...just what we needed in our Family History Center for training staff members. I have tried many ways to train our...Staff members, but this book, with the pictures and simple and easy explanations...will be just the thing that will make the difference. Thank you so much for the work you have put into this book. I'm excited to present it to our staff!”
- Claudia Leach, Director, Bozeman Montana Family History Center

Makes Genealogy So Much Easier

“I was never able to figure out how to [trace my family roots] from my computer at home until I purchased your book. I was delighted to see simple, step by step instructions.... I even purchased another book for my sister. She was just as excited as I was. I also love all the stories and the quotations.... And the section on links for [the best web site] resources online is great! Thank you for taking the time to gather all this wonderful information to have at my finger tips, and for making genealogy so much easier to do from home.”
- Maddy Hume

A Real Contribution

“I think that the majority of us need our hands held in going down the path of family history research and your book is a real contribution...”
- Gaylord Swim

  I'm not a dummy anymore... with the smart new way to take ancestors to the temple!

Comprehensive, Wisely Organized, and Well Sourced

““Crash Course”...doesn’t fully encompass the breadth and potential of [his] book...it’s remarkably comprehensive...wisely organized, and well sourced. The graphics are superb! There are helpful guidelines, lists, "how-to’s," FAQ’s, research tips, online resources, computer/ software information, audio-visual material, and instructions for organizing one’s personal history research and archives.”
- Dr. Winston Mitchell

Just What We Have Been Waiting For

“It is a great book...filled with family history insights...not just a "how to" book, it is motivational as well. ... Paul Larsen has done a wonderful job with it. It’s just what we have been waiting for!”
- Shanna Jones

Fun, Easy and Something New

“It’s comprehensive including internet research. I like the insight that it provides to all of the web sites. The charts, graphics and tips make it fun and easy to read...[and there’s] something new for even a seasoned researcher!”
- Shanna Jones

Your Book Was the Answer

“Your book is wonderful. ... I prayed about how I would teach this class and your book was certainly the answer. ... You have a very well written and well thought out book. I can muster the enthusiasm and the love of teaching, but lack in organizational skills. Thank you so much...”
- Susie Lewis

For All Levels of Expertise

“Family history...requires effort and perseverance...to learn how to do it. This is why [the] book is so valuable. ... [It] provides lessons...which are thorough and interesting...[and] includes a vast array of other resources to encourage and teach the...principles of family history. [I like the] quotes on various topics which [provides] inspirational material. In addition, [it] explores...websites, genealogy and technology, organizational tools...organizing family associations, computer privacy issues, and lots more. One of the best features...is its friendly tone. It is written for researchers on all levels of expertise – from the novice to the experienced.”
- Mary