A Step-by-Step Illustrated Guidebook
And Comprehensive Resource Directory
Third Edition
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Crash Course in Family History for Latter-day Saints
Crash Course in Family History
• Special binding so book lays flat
• Full color illustrations on
   every page
• Step-by-step directions
  • 240 pages
• Hardcover
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New, Easy Guidebook
4th edition

The new, exciting way to connect with your ancestors

Family history will never be the same! By combining a simplified "how to" approach with today’s awesome technology using the power of computers and the Internet, it’s a combination so powerful that it is transforming the way we trace our family roots today.

With new tools and vast, readily-available records from all over the world, family history work is possible with ease and in record-breaking time. No people in history have ever had the opportunity to do so much for so many people as we do today.

Now, you can do the family history work you’ve always wanted right at home in your pajamas.

This indispensable guidebook contains simple, step-by-step directions on where to begin, how to easily search for your ancestors, and how to connect with the lives of your ancestors. And you can do your family history at home at your convenience.

Whether you’re just getting started or catching up on your family line, this informative guidebook helps bring resources from around the entire world into your home. And makes family history research fun, easy, and quick!

Contains Easy Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Trace Your Family Roots

If you've ever thought of finding your ancestors, this guidebook will help get you going. Click to see excerpts of the book that provides answers to the questions below, and many more!

Excerpts of Specific Sections

It's easy to follow, not too technical, and just plain good!Crash Course in Family History 4th Edition is loaded with appealing full-color pictures, inspirational stories, a treasury of online resources, and information on new computer software to make it fun and interesting. The simple guidelines help make family history enjoyable and rewarding.

This book conveys great inspiration with excitement and motivation. It’s a practical, organized, step-by-step approach, which makes it by far the best family history guidebook available! It is indispensable to everyone, from those beginning family research, to seasoned veterans.

Because of recent dramatic changes that have taken place in family history, this book is a MUST for everyone. It's a great resource and contribution to family history.

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